Bona Cresco – Your Path to a More Resilient, Abundant Life

Thrive in challenging times with expert mentors, tested resources, and a supportive community that “gets it”. We’ll help you build skills and confidence in your own abilities – saving money, feeling more prepared, and building a purposeful life.

What if you could….

  • Reduce your food budget while eating better quality food?
  • Find natural remedies and ways of tackling tasks as you age that help you keep doing what you love (and what needs to get done).
  • Learn Practical Preparedness tips and strategies that give you peace of mind.

Listen, I see you…

  • Your budget is stretched thin, and prices keep going up.  You read labels and shake your head at the slew of processed ingredients, but aren’t sure about better alternatives.
  • You garden, or want to garden, but struggle with poor soil, limited space, or mobility issues.
  • You hear the constant “gloom and doom” headlines, and wonder what’s really a problem and what’s not a serious threat, and how to deal with both. You wonder about better alternatives to pharmaceuticals that are less expensive with fewer side effects.


You don’t have to struggle to find ways to stay on budget and deal with the current turmoil on your own.

With guidance from our courses, mentors, and community, you can move forward with confidence, creating your own “refuge in the storm”.

And, let’s face it, you’ve worked HARD to get where you are in life… You deserve to be supported by others who know the struggle and who are eager to share ideas, provide feedback, and are as committed to success as you are!




Your path to a more resilient, abundant life.

healthy plants and better food

As a member of Bona Cresco you’ll automatically receive access to: 

We take you through  step by step, from starting a garden to harvesting. You’ll also be able to help shape our newest course, “Food is Health”. Live Q&A Sessions with Laurie & August to answer all your burning questions and receive detailed, reliable, and actionable advice on the spot!A supportive community with people like you, creating and learning together, and experienced “village elders” to act as mentors.



Get a signed spiral bound copy of our popular book, “Never Buy Bread Again”. This book features tried and true recipes and troubleshooting tips to help you turn basic pantry ingredients into delicious bread. Save money and avoid weird preservatives and additives with these easy to follow recipes.

Homesteading/Preparedness Audit

Each month, we’ll select a member for a one on one audit of their current homesteading/preparedness situation and help you identify your preparedness goals and develop a strategy to meet them.


Get a discount on registration for live events hosted at our homestead, such as canning and herbalism classes.


We’ll be interviewing authors, experts, and “regular people” who are ready to share their knowledge. Each of us has a unique perspective and a story to tell. We are the light bearers and the storytellers, keeping useful skills and history alive in a world filled with AI generated fluff.

what if

Imagine what it would feel like to…

Know that even if grocery prices keep rising, you’ll be buffered from the increases with the food you grow and well planned food storage.

Have a community of down to earth people who are motivated to make positive changes in their lives and support you while you do the same.

Be able to receive expert advice and solutions regularly and have your questions answered by people with real experience, not AI generated babble.

Be able to rest easy knowing that your family is prepared for the most likely emergencies and disruptions.

Trust that you can treat basic ailments with easy to make home remedies and herbal preparations.

How does that sound?

“I love that you live near where I grew up, but beyond that I’ve stuck around because of your down to earth common sense way of doing things. You aren’t pushing something that is unreachable, just showing that with persistence, hard work and smart planning a lot can change over time. You are sharing knowledge and skills that most people have lost. Your family is well educated, does great research and I can know your recommendations for products are good ones and your recommendations for recipes, gardening and other things really work.”- Heather S.

It’s time for you to take back your peace of mind & your future! 

Under the roof of Bona Cresco, we’ll show you how to weather the storms ahead AND improve your food and health options. 

Are you ready!?

Hi, we’re Laurie and August

Laurie and August Neverman

We are best friends who have been married for 30 years. During that time, we followed our dream with our two sons, and turned 35 abandoned country acres into a homestead oasis. We raise most of our own food, and preserve it in a variety of ways to get through our Wisconsin winters. We have 3 types of solar, greenhouses, a root cellar, an energy efficient and accessible home, and an assortment of ongoing projects. August has extensive professional experience in disaster planning and recovery. Laurie’s professional experience ranges from catering to renewable energy engineering.

So, what do you say? 

Are you ready to finally get the support you need and embark on a journey of total transformation?

Still have questions? I understand. Let’s chat! 


Q: What sets your membership program apart from others?

A: Our membership program stands out for its unique mentorship strategy. We have guides with a variety of backgrounds and real world experience sharing their knowledge and responding to forum questions.

Q: Who is this membership for? 

A: This membership is people who are dissatisfied with the status quo of the Standard American Diet and the “Pop a Pill for everything” solution pushed by Big Pharma. They want to learn, they want to make things better, they want to be healthier.

Q: Who is this membership NOT for? 

A: This membership is NOT for you if you prefer to go it alone… If you’re not interested in providing mutual support and you prefer to stick with the mentality that if you just work harder, you’ll eventually meet with success. If you think it’s pointless to prepare and people only make things worse, not better, this isn’t a best fit for you.

Q: How much does the membership cost?

A: Join Bona Cresco for $35/month or $350 annually. When you choose to join at the annual membership rate, you’ll save $70 – that’s two months free!

Q: What kind of support can I expect as a member?

A: As a member, you’ll receive ongoing support through various channels such as our private forums, courses, and other exclusive content. We aim to provide you with the top-notch guidance and specific resources you need to succeed.

Q: Is there a commitment period for the membership?

While we encourage members to commit to the program long-term for optimal results, there’s no long-term contract or commitment period. You can cancel your membership at any time with no questions asked.

Q: How do I access the resources and materials included in the membership?

A: Once you become a member, you’ll receive login credentials to our online platform where you can access all the resources, materials, and community features. Everything is conveniently organized and accessible from any device with an internet connection.

Q: Are the LIVE Q&A Sessions Recorded? 

A: Yes! Every LIVE session will be recorded and added to the membership portal so you can watch it (or re-watch) it at a time that is most convenient for you! 

Bottom line… It’s your time to THRIVE!! 

  • Stop reacting to headlines and be proactive with shaping the life you want. 
  • Stop  believing the myth that “it’s just your genes” and build diet and lifestyle habits that help to improve your health and longevity.
  • Stop listening to the Negative Nellies and believe that the best times can still be yet to come, if we work to create them. 

“Just as one candle lights another and can light thousands of other candles, so one heart illuminates another heart and can illuminate thousands of other hearts.” – Leo Tolstoy

Let us show you a better way. Instead of cursing the darkness, let’s light a candle.

Are you ready? 

Perfect! We’ll see you soon! 

Laurie & August